Naked Broadway

It’s Broadway, but Naked.

Do you love glitter, music, costumes, and musicals?

Bringing together some of the most spectacular BIPOC talent from across the USA, Naked Broadway is a song, dance, and sideshow extravaganza guaranteed to make you reimagine musical theatre.

Our Mission

Naked Broadway produces high quality cabarets that center BIPOC artists.

Mainstream song-and-dance storytelling as we know it in the USA is typically associated with a traditional Broadway canon. In its evolution from opera to operetta to burlesque to musical theatre, this art form adopted cultural staples from BIPOC communities without giving credit or including our stories, all while devaluing, excluding, and silencing BIPOC artists.

We dare to reimagine and reclaim this art form.

Our Values

Black Lives Matter

We center Black and Indigenous experiences.


Gender Inclusivity

We center femmes, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as a woman.


Artists First

We prioritize artists’ health, well-being, and creative expression.


Quality Entertainment

We promise to deliver moving, memorable entertainment.


Naked Broadway was featured on WHIV FM.

Gina Brown of G’s Corner interviews Nivi Canela about Naked Broadway, #MeToo, and the future of women in the entertainment industry. 

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