Ms. Bergenline

A coming-of-age collection that follows a queer Caribbean overachiever growing up in northern New Jersey.

Part zine, part memoir, part scrapbook, Ms. Bergenline features poems, photos, and illustrations.

Additional Publications

De Eso No Se Habla

Rompiendo silencios en una cultura que “de eso no se habla,” thirty writers explore the silent, covert, and undefined experiences repeated generation after generation. This collection of creative non-fiction pieces breaks the silences that bind us and allows us to overcome trauma by discussing the inappropriate, embarrassing, or shameful topics in the Dominican household. 

La Doña

Essays on the Dominican Matriarch

12 contributing Dominican writers shared narratives of women in their families who have carried the weight of protecting, guiding, and educating in a society where men are dominant, and the home is ruled by the woman.  They described the women who have fought and embraced the expectations of the matriarchal role and what they left behind.